Roads in Cawood, Part 3

I received the road decals I ordered  from Highways and Byways ( ) and I am quite happy with them.  I wanted solid white lines down each side of the roads and a solid or dashed yellow line down the middle.  On the road crossings of the main line I wanted a railroad crossing sign on the pavement.  Their N-Scale Graphics Package contained a page each of yellow stipes, white stripes, railroad crossing signs and wide bars, and a page of turn indicators, school zones, stop, yield, etc..  I suspect this package is all I'll need for my layout.

In Cawood I have about 8' 8" of roads to stripe and 3 railroad crossings to mark. My roads are approximately 1-1/2" wide.   Using an Xacto knife, needle nose tweezers, a stick pin,  and a small ruler I worked slowly applying the decals.  The stripes are nicely cut of very thin vinyl with an adhesive backing.  It adheres quite well to my road way, but in a few places I added a drop of super glue to keep it down. This is especially necessary around sharp curves, where I also had to trim the stripes to make them lay down.  

The railroad crossing signs are vinyl transfers that work very well. I think they really add a lot to the scene.  To top off the crossing scene I added signals with protective gates from NJ International.  They are static models but look nice.

So this has been a really good project that is a positive addition to the layout.  The striping only took 2 afternoons.   If you have highways on your layout, give the products from Highways and Byways a try.  Now on to the next project.

Here are some more pictures of the completed roads through Cawood.

Highway tunnel leading to the other side of the mountain.

Highway coming into Cawood.  There will be a gas station and a few businesses on the left

The loading docks on the left are for the company store (yet to be built)

Unsignaled crossing of the branch line

Heading towards General Mine Supply

Looking back East at Cawood.  The depot will be on the large paved area in the middle.  The gravel road leads to the Schneider Lumber Mill.